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Professional Pressure Washers

PW 360

$679.00Rec. retail price incl. GST SKU: 967677803
  • Max pressure160 bar
  • Water flow420-500 l/h

Product description

A truly high performing electric pressure washer with a robust and purposeful design, for excellent results and demanding jobs such as vehicles and stone walls. A steel reinforced high-pressure hose is included. The Low Force grip activates the trigger with less effort and more comfort. The induction motor and the metal pump ensure a dependable performance and long product lifetime. Transportation is easy thanks to the aluminium carrying handle. Quick hose coupling, large and robust wheels for better traction, and a long spray lance add to the experience. Two swivel functions, for nozzle adjustment and quick connection, prevent hassle. On-board accessory storage, hose reel and power cord storage make operation efficient. The highly effective car cleaner and stone cleaner also includes two nozzles and one foam sprayer for the utmost versatility.

5-year warrantyFinance options

Product Information

Features (15)

In this ergonomically designed function, the trigger’s activation is perfectly adjusted to your fingers. This means less effort and more comfort for your hand, especially during prolonged use. image

Low Force Grip

Less effort and more comfort for your hand

The flexible high-pressure hose is reinforced with steel to give you extra durability, easy handling and a prolonged product lifetime. image

Steel Reinforced High-Pressure Hose

Extra durability and prolonged prduct lifetime

Convenient and efficient storage of hose with easy roll-up. image

Hose reel

Hose reel with supporting guide

The pump is made of metal to minimise the risk of breakage and to give your product a long lifetime. image

Metal Pump

Gives the product a long lifetime

The induction motor combines a great performance with a high durability and a long lifetime. image

Induction Motor

High durability and long lifetime

The robust and comfortable aluminum carrying handle makes moving and transporting your machine extra convenient. image

Aluminum Carrying Handle

Makes moving and transport of the machine extra convenient

Important issues such as easy movement and reliable traction on uneven ground are ensured by the large soft-grip wheels, mounted on a metal axis. This also helps prolong the lifetime of the product as a whole. image

Large and Robust Wheels

Easy movement and reliable traction

The robust, extendable handle makes your transportation and storage convenient and easy. image

Aluminum Telescopic Handle

Easy transportation and convenient storage

No unnecessary time spent unwinding thanks to the convenient power cord storage with quick release that prevents tangling. image

Power Cord Storage with Quick Release

Saves time and prevents tangling

The spray lance features double swivel functions and quick connections for hose, nozzles and accessories – all to maximise your efficiency and comfort. image

Double Swivels and Quick Connect

Maximizes efficiency and comfort

You can easily monitor the detergent usage and see its remaining level. This gives you perfect control – and you will never use any more detergent than necessary. image

Foam Sprayer

Easy to see the remaining level of detergent and amount used

The added length on the spray handle allows for even better ergonomic working positions. image

Long Spray Lance

More ergonomic working positions

The pressure-adjustable, multi-purpose nozzle gives you increased versatility, as it can be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks with perfect results. image

Variable Flat Jet Nozzle

Increased versatility for a wide range of cleaning tasks

The rotating pencil jet nozzle gives you a targeted, high cleaning performance and helps you get rid of persistent dirt effectively. image

Rotary Nozzle

Targeted high cleaning performance

All included accessories can be neatly stored on the machine for easy access and more efficient work. image

On Board Storage

Easy access and more efficient work


Art No: 967677803
Power output2.3 kW
Weight (complete product w/o side packed articles)20.8 kg
Container capacity0.5 l
Hose length10 m
Power rating2300 W
Rated current10 A
Max pressure160 bar
Max self-priming suction1 m
Frequency50 Hz
Length of cord5 m
Operating pressure Max135 bar
Product size height710 cm
Product size length325 cm
Product size width350 cm
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)90 dB(A)
Voltage230-240 V